[torqueusers] Issues running 256 CPU pbs job

Brad Mecklenburg bmecklenburg at colsa.com
Wed Jan 24 13:36:28 MST 2007

I have some questions on what I am doing wrong in the setup or
implementation of running some pbs jobs.  I am trying to combine two
clusters we have. One is an 128 node IBM Open Power 5 cluster (marvin)
running SLES 9 and the other is a 128 node Apple Xserve cluster 9 (otis).
The IBM cluster has pretty much remained in tact and we added the Apple
cluster to it by putting OpenSuse 10.2 on them.

Mpich-mx 1.2.6..0.94

We have addressed many issues but still something is wrong.  The head node
of the IBM cluster is serving out everything.  I am currently trying to run
a 128 node (256 proc) pbs job on the Apple nodes.  Have tried both mpirun
and mpiexec in the pbs submit script but both give errors and I will show
both of these. The same binary is being used for the IBM nodes and Apple
nodes. I am able to run a test job of 64 nodes with ppn=2 but was not able
with 100 nodes and the information giving is for running a 128 node ppn-2

When I try to submit using either mpirun or mpiexec, the maui log gives this
01/24 11:21:58 INFO:     job '1661' Priority:        1
01/24 11:21:58 INFO:     job '1661' Priority:        1
01/24 11:21:58 MResDestroy(1661)
01/24 11:21:58 MResChargeAllocation(1661,2)
01/24 11:21:58 INFO:     256 feasible tasks found for job 1661:0 in
partition DEFAULT (256 Needed)
01/24 11:21:58 ALERT:    inadequate tasks to allocate to job 1661:0 (176 <
01/24 11:21:58 ERROR:    cannot allocate nodes to job '1661' in partition

The part of the error where it states 176 < 256 changes throughout the log
while the job is queued. I have seen 2 < 256, 188 < 256, 192 < 256 and maybe
more.  This probably is the problem but I am not sure why it says there are
inadequate tasks when the line above it in the maui log says 256 feasible
tasks and 256 needed.

When using mpirun the job sits in the queue but if I do a qrun on the job
id, the job will run, but not as expected.  In the pbs submit script I
specify the Apple nodes to be run on.  But when I do a qrun, an Apple node
is designated the mother superior node but the job runs on the IBM nodes.  I
am not sure why this is the case.  Here is my pbs submit script and u can
see I specify the Apple nodes with otis.  All of the nodes have the same
attributes in /var/spool/torque/server_priv/nodes except the Apple nodes
have otis and the IBM nodes have marvin.

#PBS -N inter41 
#PBS -l nodes=128:ppn=2:otis
#PBS -l walltime=23:59:00
#PBS -j oe
#PBS -r n
cd /home/jbennett/test



time /opt/mpiexec/bin/mpiexec -comm mx -n $NPROCS
$CODE_PATH/craft_mb1006.exe -m
#time mpirun.ch_mx -s --mx-kill 5 -np $NPROCS $CODE_PATH/craft_mb1006.exe

I have changed back and forth using mpirun and mpiexec.

When using mpiexec, the job sits in the queue and when I try to qrun the job
I get the following errors
number of processors =   256 186  r08n38
number of processors =   256 151  r09n13
number of processors =   256 118  r09n29
MX:r08n26:Got a NACK:req status 8:Remote endpoint is closed
        type (8): connect
        state (0x0):
        requeued: 1 (timeout=510000ms)
        dest: 00:60:dd:48:1a:b4 (r10n15:0)
        partner: peer_index=22, endpoint=1, seqnum=0x0
        connect_seq: 0x1

This continues on for many more of the compute nodes until it comes down to
this error:
mpiexec: Warning: tasks 0-173,176-179,184-192,194-197 died with signal 4
(Illegal instruction).
mpiexec: Warning: tasks 174-175,180-181,193,198-255 exited with status 1.
mpiexec: Warning: tasks 182-183 died with signal 15 (Terminated).


Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong or forgot to change, or any helpful
information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Brad Mecklenburg
Brad Mecklenburg
Office: 256-721-0372 x 108
Fax:  256-721-2466

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