[torqueusers] linking queues to different nodes

Dr. Christian Mück-Lichtenfeld cml at uni-muenster.de
Wed Jan 24 00:27:19 MST 2007

Dear torque-users,

  after struggling a few days with the new torque installation
on our cluster, I have chosen to put my question to this forum.
I have not found a direct answer to my problem in the archives.

My problem is that I have two sorts of nodes ("amd" and "xeon"),
which I want to use from different queues ("amdNN" and "xeonNN").
I know that this was discussed in the documentation, so I have set
the "acl_hosts" fields and have defined the resources 'neednodes',
but it still does not work: If i submit a job to the queue "amd2", the job
runs on two xeon-nodes (lyra01+lyra02), not on 'lyra71' and 'lyra72'
as I want it to.
The "acl_hosts" setting in the queue definition does obviously not
what it should do according to the documentation.

The amd2 queue is configured like this:
 Queue amd2
        queue_type = Execution
        total_jobs = 1
        state_count = Transit:0 Queued:0 Held:0 Waiting:0 Running:1 Exiting:0
        acl_host_enable = False
        acl_hosts = lyra89,lyra79,lyra88,lyra78,lyra87,lyra77,lyra86,lyra76,
        resources_max.nodect = 2
        resources_min.nodect = 2
        resources_default.neednodes = amd
        resources_default.nodes = 2
        mtime = Sat Jan 20 19:46:39 2007
        resources_assigned.nodect = 2
        enabled = True
        started = True

Here are the two different node configurations:
Qmgr: l n lyra01
Node lyra01
        state = free
        np = 4
        properties = xeon
        ntype = cluster

Qmgr: l n lyra71
Node lyra71
        state = free
        np = 1
        properties = amd
        ntype = cluster

I am using torque 2.1.6 with x86-64 Linux (SuSE).
I have not installed the maui scheduler.

Best regards,

Christian Mueck-Lichtenfeld

Dr. Christian Mück-Lichtenfeld
Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universität
Organisch-Chemisches Institut
Corrensstrasse 40
D-48149 Münster, Germany

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