[torqueusers] what does xpbmon monitors?

Gustavo lgcirilo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 18:50:37 MST 2007

Hi all,

Here's a doubt regarding how xpbsmon works. I have a small linux cluster
(redhat enterprise) and at some point, xpbsmon would show the head node in
black (no info). In spite of that, the cluster was running just fine. It
wasn't a problem but it bugged me to see a black node everytime I looked at

I tried restarting the torque_server, torque_mom and torque_sched on the
head node but it didn't work. After several tries i rebooted the head node
and xpbsmon showed what it was supposed to.

My question is: what did I have to do to have xpbsmon show info on the head
node without rebooting? I mean, reboot isn't the exactly the best solution.

Thanks in advance.

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