[torqueusers] Undelivered output from qsub

Earle Nietzel Earle.Nietzel at marist.edu
Fri Jan 19 13:28:46 MST 2007


I have an issue where the results of commands to qsub are not being
returned to the user.

I do have ssh setup using keys and all authentication is working correctly
between the pbs_server and pbs_mom nodes for corresponding users.

I am using torque 2.1.6 with maui 3.2.6p16, everything appears to be
working as I can schedule jobs and monitor them with qstat, showq, etc...

It's just that the output gets sent to the undelivered directory on the
pbs_mom nodes, when it should be returned to the node where it was executed
in this case it is the pbs_server.

I have used the qsub -I command and that works correctly as well.

Any ideas,

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