[torqueusers] More newbie questions

kamil Marcinkowski kamil at ualberta.ca
Fri Jan 19 13:37:05 MST 2007

Hello David

The torque config I gave you will stop compile from happening
  compute node but not vise versa.
  Here is how we do both in Moab

> create QOSs
> QOSCFG[qos1]
> QOSCFG[qos2]
> Define the classes(queues) to QOS
> CLASSCFG[q1]  QDEF=qos1
> CLASSCFG[q2]  QDEF=qos2
> Create standing reservations with QOS and hostlist
> SRCFG[sres1] QOSLIST=qos1
> SRCFG[sres1] HOSTLIST=master
> SRCFG[sres2] QOSLIST=qos2
> SRCFG[sres2] HOSTLIST=n01,n02 ....



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On 19-Jan-07, at 12:33 PM, David Chin wrote:

> On 1/19/07, kamil Marcinkowski <kamil at ualberta.ca> wrote:
>> Hello David
>> According to the torque 2.1.6 development notes queue host  
>> hostlist mapping
>>  isn't implemented yet
>> The qmgr commands following will work:
>> The compute queue will run jobs everywhere the
>> compile queue will only run on the head node.
>> set queue compile queue_type = Execution
>> set queue compile resources_default.host = headnodename
>> set queue compile resources_max.host = headnodename
>> set queue compile resources_min.host = headnodename
>> set queue comute queue_type = Execution
> OK. Thanks. I'm using 2.2.0-snap.200612151700 and the acl_hosts
> hint which Gabe gave seems to be not be working. I have these
> settings for the "short" queue:
>   acl_hosts = n01,n02,...,n18
>   acl_host_enable = false
> (head node name is "master").
> I tried to limit the queue to have no more than 4 jobs on no more
> than 2 nodes by setting:
>   max_running = 4
>   resources_available.nodect = 2
> but that doesn't seem to do what I hoped. I submitted 6 jobs in
> quick succession. A showq (or qstat -a) shows 4 jobs running,
> 2 jobs queued as hoped. However, one of the jobs is running on
> the head node, which I thought the acl_hosts should have excluded.
> Cheers,
>  Dave
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