[torqueusers] More newbie questions

David Chin david.w.h.chin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 12:33:24 MST 2007

On 1/19/07, kamil Marcinkowski <kamil at ualberta.ca> wrote:
> Hello David
> According to the torque 2.1.6 development notes queue host hostlist mapping
>  isn't implemented yet
> The qmgr commands following will work:
> The compute queue will run jobs everywhere the
> compile queue will only run on the head node.
> set queue compile queue_type = Execution
> set queue compile resources_default.host = headnodename
> set queue compile resources_max.host = headnodename
> set queue compile resources_min.host = headnodename
> set queue comute queue_type = Execution

OK. Thanks. I'm using 2.2.0-snap.200612151700 and the acl_hosts
hint which Gabe gave seems to be not be working. I have these
settings for the "short" queue:

   acl_hosts = n01,n02,...,n18
   acl_host_enable = false

(head node name is "master").

I tried to limit the queue to have no more than 4 jobs on no more
than 2 nodes by setting:

   max_running = 4
   resources_available.nodect = 2

but that doesn't seem to do what I hoped. I submitted 6 jobs in
quick succession. A showq (or qstat -a) shows 4 jobs running,
2 jobs queued as hoped. However, one of the jobs is running on
the head node, which I thought the acl_hosts should have excluded.


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