[torqueusers] More newbie questions

David Chin david.w.h.chin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 10:54:42 MST 2007

OK. I'm trying to wrap my head around Torque. (Maui, too, but that
will have to wait.) If I could get feedback on my thoughts, that would
be great. Y'all have been really helpful already.

So far, this is what I gather.
* a Cluster (my own term) is made up of one Server and one or more Nodes
* the Server is the machine which runs pbs_server, and which launches
and kills jobs
* Nodes are machines which run pbs_mom, and which run jobs and/or
provide resources. The Server may or may not be a Node, as well.
* there are at least two types of Nodes:
  * cluster
  * time-shared
* the Server may have one or more Queues.
* there are two types of Queues:
  * Execution Queues, which execute Jobs. Execution Queues have one or
more Nodes associated with them.
  * Routing Queues, which insert Jobs into appropriate Queues based on
available resources, etc.
* all free Nodes in a Cluster are available to all Queues.

Now, here's a setup that I would like to have. I have 17 compute nodes
and one head node.  I would like a queue with only the head node on
for running compilation jobs. This would be in addition to the normal
execution queues I have to run compute jobs.  Would this require running
another pbs_server to deal with the compilation queue?  Is this even a
reasonable thing to do?

Thanks in advance,


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