[torqueusers] how to config 8-core machine

Wim Fournier w.fournier at nedstat.nl
Fri Jan 19 03:54:13 MST 2007

Hi list,

I have 2 8-core machines which I want to feed a huge list of jobs. I
want both boxes to run 8 items from this list as much as possible.
I have Torque 2.0.0p11 installed. The master runs on one of the boxes.
If I add the local box to the list of nodes, it sees it has 8 cores.

Now if I schedule 12 jobs (echo "sleep 30"|qsub), I see that only one
process runs at any given time. So I added the property np=8 to the node
config with qmgr. Now if I repeat my experiment, all 12 processes are
started at the same time..
What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards,


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