[torqueusers] Torque server environment variable

Micha onsager at gmx.net
Wed Jan 17 11:31:38 MST 2007

CM> Normal recourse is to set such parameters on the qsub command line
CM> rather than in the script itself.

It has some disadvantages. I stumbled into this, when writing the script
on a testing system (VMware-emulated cluster) not identical with the
production cluster. I can circumvent it with uname etc.. But I don't
find it entirely satisfying ('Is there an uname in any case of heterogen
network?' etc.).
I mean, all kind of information is carried in PBS_something variables
and torque *knows* about his parts - even about the server(s). So, why
not put this information nicely into the existing framework of variables
(PBS_SERVER or similarly)? It is in the 'server_name' file and possibly
even mom_priv/config. I would still prefer a variable based solution
like the remaining values.


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