[torqueusers] Newly online nodes / queued jobs

Chris Evert chris at geodev.com
Thu Jan 4 10:42:32 MST 2007

Torque Users,

I fixed a node and put it online.  There were some 200 jobs in the Q 
state, but none are going onto the node.

The situation didn't change after 5 minutes, which I believe is the 
sleep time for my queue server and scheduler.

Thinking that jostling the job mix would relieve the logjam, I submitted 
new jobs and they went right onto the newly available node.  When those 
jobs finished, nothing old went on the node.  One of the running jobs 
finished and one of the queued jobs took its place, but the now online 
node remains idle.

qrun successfully started a couple of jobs on that node.

I am using torque-2.1.6 and maui-3.2.6p14

Why aren't jobs that are already chomping at the bit to run jumping onto 
newly onlined nodes?  More importantly, how can I avoid this behavior 
(aside from not having jobs in the Q state :-)?

Chris Evert
chris at geodev.com
Geophysical Development Corporation
Houston, TX

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