[torqueusers] Negative (-2) Exit_status

Sam Rash srash at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Jan 3 18:11:43 MST 2007

I frequently see this error when a job tries to execute on a box that
doesn't mount my homedir (as suggested).  

Sam Rash
srash at yahoo-inc.com

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On Wednesday 27 December 2006 22:38, Alberto Simões wrote:

> In fact that was my conclusion as well. I tried to run a program that
> returns -2
>    int main(void) { return -2; }
> as a PBS job, but as processes in Unix return an unsigned char, I get
> 254... not -2 as an exit_status.
> Thus, I still do not understand that -2

Aha!  It's an internal PBS error code in the pbs_mom called JOB_EXEC_FAIL2 
(-2) and it would log an error that says:

   job exec failure, after files staged, no retry

So I reckon you need to go and hassle your cluster admin about why your job
failing.  Looking in src/resmom/start_exec.c it can be anything from the 
prolog script failing through not enough resources through not being able to

find your home directory, etc..

Good luck!
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