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Sam Rash srash at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Feb 28 17:25:01 MST 2007

This sounds like déjà vu: we want maui to respect more than the 16 (well 13
user) queues.  It seems that it takes the top (or first defined) 13 queues
and lumps the rest into class ALL. 

(like not only this topic has come up, but _I_ brought it up, ack)



I changed this by rebuilding maui with the simple change:


msched-common.h:478:#define MAX_MCLASS  16

msched-common.h:479:#define MMAX_CLASS  16


I changed 16 to 256.


We did simple tests and now maui gets all the queues in torque (> 13) and
seems to function normally (run jobs, respect priority, no crash).


Already it’s two vars I had to change
ok, they are side-by-side.  Any other
side effects?  I know when I set the max # of jobs maui would take at a time
from 4096 to some higher # (20k or so) there were side effects and I had to
make changes in multiple locations.


Anyone done this yet?  Extended the # of valid queue?  We’re in maui
3.2.6.p17 (I think—it was around the madness of many changes to maui; we
didn’t need all the fixes thrown around so we figured “if it ain’t broke


But what is the latest stable version of maui that people are generally
happy with?








Follow-up in same email to myself!!!!

Spoke to dave and don’t set this above 32.  Some bitpacking or whatever goes
on and the # of classes is tied to integer size (in bits, ie 32).


So we’ll be setting 16 to 32 and having 27 classes


Go get moab! =)

We got an eval and it’s pretty damn cool (if maui doesn’t fit all your





Sam Rash

srash at yahoo-inc.com




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