[torqueusers] Maui dies immediately on job submission

Lippert, Kenneth B. Kenneth.Lippert at alcoa.com
Tue Feb 27 12:24:53 MST 2007

I know others have reported this same or similar problems, but I cannot
find a solution that works for me in the archives.

Simple problem, I start pbs_mom, pbs_server, and Maui.  All is well.
"pbsnodes -a" shows what it should.    All the queues, etc are set up as
they should be.

As soon as I submit any sort of job the Maui process dies leaving no
clue in it's log file.  The last entries are:

INFO    job '9' successfully started

/var/log/messages says that Maui seg-faulted.

I get no stdout or stderr from the job itself, it doesn't appear that it
actually started running anywhere.  I only have two nodes active at the
moment, the head node where pbs_server (and pbs_mom) are running, and
one other with just pbs_mom.

I have seen references to Maui dieing immediately if there is a
mis-match between what Maui thinks the host's name is and what uname
returns, but I have triple checked that, and that is not the problem.

Thank you for any direction you can give.


ps.   This is a brand new Redhat Enterprise release 4 install with the
latest Torque/Maui.

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