[torqueusers] How do I track what's going on during a job's execution

Motin mailinglists at demomusic.nu
Sun Feb 25 21:04:29 MST 2007

First of all, I simply love Torque and how well it handles, queues and
preocesses my jobs.

Seeing X amount of jobs on queue with 1 running with the help of qstat
is ok to check overall progress, but I'd really like to tap in on the
executing command's stdout output to see what's going on at the moment.

I have tried the following:

echo "echo test1 && sleep 10 && echo test2 && sleep 10" | qsub -o
/var/log/torque.log -j oe
echo "echo test3 && sleep 10 && echo test4 && sleep 10" | qsub -o
/var/log/torque.log -j oe

But problems are:
1) torque.log is overwritten and not appended to for each knew job
2) torque.log is not written to before the job is finished, making it
impossible to track progress of executing command if the command outputs
progress information etc

If you have any recommendation I am eager to hear it. All tips appreciated!

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