[torqueusers] possible bug with pbs clients ?

James Richardson jrichardson at x-iss.com
Wed Feb 21 17:02:58 MST 2007

If you just want to install PBS in a different directory for easier
tar'ing you can:

	./configure --prefix=/usr/local/pbs
	make DESTDIR=/tmp/pbs install

Then tar up /tmp/pbs.


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On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 03:36:03PM -0800, Yang Y Yang alleged:
> I compiled torque, with prefix=/mnt/some_dir
> then I tar'ed up the /mnt/some_dir
> and tar'ed it into /mnt/another_dir,
> then I start pbs_server -t create,
> but when I run qmgr, qstat,
> it outputs : 
> "
> No permission.
> qmgr failed to connect to ...
> "
> finally I found that these pbs clients seem to have the address of
> /mnt/some_dir/sbin/pbs_iff hard-coded into them,
> so after I move the src to /mnt/another_dir, 
> they simply fail to work, though I have /mnt/another_dir in my $PATH,
> I copied pbs_iff to /mnt/another_dir/sbin, then it worked,
> should this be considered a bug ?

TORQUE has never been "relocatable" on the filesystem, though you can
set the PBSBINDIR env var and the client libs will find pbs_iff.

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