[torqueusers] Command to Display What CPUs are Available

Curtis Wensley curtis.wensley at us.cd-adapco.com
Thu Feb 22 07:47:36 MST 2007

I'm trying to figure out...
showq tells me that 19 of 20 Nodes are Active but only 34 of 40
Processors are Active.  What I'm looking for is a easy way to tell me
what 6 processors are available without searching through a long list of
output to determine what is available and what is not.  I'm trying to
determine if something is wrong with the node or if Maui is the cause. 
I have submitted a 3 processor job and it sits in the queue.  Checkjob
tell me the job is deferred for the reason: NoResources.  What resources
is it checking to determine the job can run?

Ronny T. Lampert wrote:
>> Is there a command that will show me what cpus are available on the
>> compute nodes?  I am trying to diagnose a problem and it would be nice
>> to know what cpu on what node are available for a job.
> #> pbsnodes -a
> will do the job, even list all jobs on the node(s) (even on which CPU
> what job) and a node's state.
> Cheers,
> R

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