[torqueusers] node mapping

Fernando fernando.garciatorre at unican.es
Thu Feb 15 02:59:40 MST 2007

I have a little cluster with torque and maui, (7 nodes with two cpus each one), i want to have a queu that only works with three nodes, i think this its node mapping :

I have made:
Max open servers: 4
Qmgr: set queue ensembles acl_hosts = "host1.unican.es,host2.unican.es,host3.unican.es"
Qmgr: set queue ensembles acl_host_enable = false
Qmgr: quit And then i make a qsub to ensembles queue, and it didnt work, the job was submitted to host5.unican.es.is it necesary to restart something? any idea? ThanksFernando
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