[torqueusers] There's any way to allocate nodes by CPUs ?

Leandro leotavaneiro at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 11:54:12 MST 2007


Sorry by the cross post, but I'm looking for a solution for a problem I have
with Torque with and without Maui.

What I need is choose nodes by CPUs in a simpler way than "-l nodes=X:ppn=Y"
way. What I'm looking for is a "-l cpus=X" and let the resource
manager/scheduler choose the nodes, packing the tasks in the nodes with more

I'm testing a heterogeneous cluster, where I have nodes with 2 CPUs single
core and nodes with 2 CPUs dual core (4 CPUs). This test cluster have 3
nodes with 4 CPUs and 2 nodes with 2 CPUs.

All the jobs we run here are called automatically by an application, which
calls some scripts to make the job on the cluster. If I need 16 CPUs I don't
see any easy way to make a generic script, using some standard parameters,
to create a "-l nodes=3:ppn=4+2:ppn=2" line :-/

The easy way is to have something like "-l cpus=16" to the previous example,
but it is possible?

Today we are using dual core CPUs but what is gonna happen when we use quad
core CPUs? I see an ugly picture to my job allocation task...

Thanks in advance for any help,


Leandro Tavares Carneiro
Analista de Suporte Linux/Unix
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