[torqueusers] how can i set the default walltime of job.

luo yi luoyi829 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 12 19:49:04 MST 2007

I use torque and maui to schedue job on cluster.And I meet some problem on 
how to configure these two software.
there is a problem of how to set the default WALLTIME of any jobs.I have 
read the document of maui ,and found a parameter named 
But when I used the command "changeparam SYSTEMDEFAULTJOBWALLTIME 
00:10:00",to set the default WALLTIME to 10 minutes ,the parameter didn't 
work. The default walltime is still 99:99:99;99.
And when I use "showconfig -v|grep SYSTEMDEFAULTJOBWALLTIME  ",it shows 
so can anybody tell me how to set the default walltime of any job,and when 
the job reach the defaul walltime ,maui may do same thing like 
kill/suspend/checkpoint to the job. how can i configure the maui or 

thanks very much!

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