[torqueusers] mpich2+mpiexec+torque+maui for dummies...?

Neelesh Arora narora at Princeton.EDU
Thu Feb 8 13:06:30 MST 2007


I am looking for a quick-start guide to get these 4 components installed 
on a cluster. With very little knowledge of mpich2 and mpiexec and how 
they play together with Torque/Maui (TM interface and such), following 
are the steps that I have come up with. I was wondering if others on the 
list use similar steps, or are there any more tweaks needed.

If there is already a concise documentation to achieve this, please 
forward me to that.


PS: This is on a RHEL4 cluster

Steps to install torque+maui+mpich2+mpiexec

* torque (2.1.6)
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/torque --with-rcp=rcp
make install

* maui (3.2.6p19-snap.1169758944)
./configure --with-pbs=/usr/local/torque
make install

* mpich2 (1.0.5p2)
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mpich2
make install
add /usr/local/torque/bin:/usr/local/maui/bin:/usr/local/mpich2/bin to 
the PATH

* mpiexec (0.82)
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mpiexec --with-pbs=/usr/local/torque 
make install
put /usr/local/mpiexec/bin ahead in the PATH from /usr/local/mpich2/bin

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