[torqueusers] another remote job submission question

John Young j.e.young at larc.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 6 09:38:24 MST 2007

Thanks to the knowledge gleaned from reading this list, I have
been able to set up three hosts that are not part of our cluster
to be remote submission hosts.  (Thanks!) That seems to work well, 
but there is (at least :-) one small glitch remaining.

If, on one of the remote hosts, I type

% qsub filename

it works just fine and the job is submitted to the default queue.
But if I type

% qsub -q high filename

I get "qsub: Undefined attribute ".  In fact I cannot seem to pass
qsub any parameters at all beyond the name of the file to be submitted.
I might add that 'qstat -a' on the remote hosts correctly shows all of
the queues on the cluster.

I have Torque 2.0.0p8 plus maui on the cluster (it's what it came with) 
and Torque 2.1.6 on the remote nodes.  The output of 'maui --version' on
the headnode gives:

Maui version 
Copyright 2000-2005 Cluster Resources, Inc, All Rights Reserved
  for the latest release, see http://clusterresources.com/maui
This software includes the Maui Server Module, Copyright 1996 MHPCC, All Rights Reserved
This software utilizes the Moab Scheduling Library, version 3.2.6p14
Copyright 2000-2005 Cluster Resources, Inc, All Rights Reserved

Has anyone else seen this problem before?


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