[torqueusers] Number of running jobs

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 04:18:06 MST 2007

 > serial jobs and can only have maximum 6 jobs running simultaneously.
 > I expect the cluster to run 12 jobs.  I tried a few things using
 > "qmgr" to change some of the parameters. It was not successful.  This
 > problem probably has something to do with dual-core CPU.
> I haven't seen a reply to this and am keen to know if there is
> anything I need to do regarding dual cores. We are currently setting
> up a MOAB scheduler and we also have dual core CPUs. Is there
> something I should know, please ??

Dual core machines essentially are just Dual CPU machines. Just 
configure them to have np=X CPUs in torque.

pbs_mom should do autodetection of available CPUs, but depending on your 
kernel version (distros are know to ship completely patched up, but old 
kernels -- dont use them) this might fail.
Make sure /proc/cpuinfo should lists all of your CPUs.


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