[torqueusers] BUG_REPORT: User job causes pbs_sched to abort when -W group_list= used and user not a member of the group

James J Coyle jjc at iastate.edu
Fri Dec 21 08:49:05 MST 2007

Torque design team,

  Just reporting a bug which I found when accommodating an accounting request.


-W group_list=fakegroup

is used in a job script or on the qsub command, pbs_sched aborts.
This is true whether the group does not exist or if fakegoup exists
and the user is not a member of that group.

  Here fakegroup is on the local machine so there is no @ in it.

  All works OK if the user is a member of the group on the local

  This is on an Opteron Cluster running
pbs_version = 2.1.2

  I am not running the latest version, but if either the development
team or some admin would test this in the latest version 
that would be appreciated. 

   Make sure you are an ADMIN because any user
can kill pbs_sched this way and you need privileges to start it again.

  I have a kludge which is a workaround for now.

  (This came from a test to see whether a user could use time from 
another user's account or from a non-existent account.)

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