[torqueusers] building torque-2.2.1 on AIX 5.3

Alessandro Federico alessandro.federico at caspur.it
Wed Dec 19 03:18:55 MST 2007


I found 2 errors compiling Torque 2.2.1 on AIX 5.3

1) in src/server/job_func.c (line 548) h_errno must be defined only
    if H_ERRNO_DECLARED is not.
    Refer to the patch for Torque GSSAPI branch I already sent to
    this list on 07/09/2007 (subject: Torque GSSAPI branch: compiling
    on AIX 5.3).

2) when configuring with --without-tcl, configure still try to
    find tclConfig.sh resulting in an error


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