[torqueusers] Job_Monarch [SLIGHTLY OFF TOPIC]

Mischa Salle mischa.salle at uam.es
Mon Dec 17 11:28:01 MST 2007

On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 03:57:50PM +0100, Jacques Foury wrote:
> Leandro a écrit :
>> Is anyone using this on CentOS/RHEL 4.5?
>> It really works? For me, it isn't working, no matter what I do!!!!
>> I really need this, I'm helpless!
>> Please, if anyone can help me, reply this message and we talk off the 
>> list.
>> Thanks
> please don't talk off the list... I did not manage to make it work, mainly 
> due to problems with php 5 and the database...
> To me this seems to work only on the server of the Job Monarch developer 
> ;-)

I have successfully set it up:

- Torque 2.1.0p0, running on SUSE10.1, with ganglia gmond-3.0.5
  (homebuild because of a number of memory bugs in the official code),

- webserver is running on Debian Etch3; gmetad 3.0.5, webpage itself is
  from Ganglia version 3.0.3. PHP version 4.4.4-8

I currently use the development version Job Monarch version 0.2.1 but I
also used the 'stable' release without much trouble.

I had to add a few packages on the webserver, if I remember correctly,
PostgreSQL was the most important one.

Ganglia itself by the way has quite a few memory problems.

What type of problems do you have?

    Best regards,
    Mischa Salle

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