[torqueusers] torque.setup script needs to run as part of rpm install

chris chris at clusterresources.com
Wed Dec 12 07:25:29 MST 2007


So for that to happen a default install user would need to be determined 
and the only one that comes to mind is user root.  This is because we 
would need something to cover 100% percent of the installs and since not 
all installs are interactive we would need a default user.  I'm not sure 
that "./torque.setup root" should be the default, what are peoples 
thoughts about that?

You can quite easily edit the torque.spec file yourself and add this 
functionality to torque.spec.  You'll need to test this but if you edit 
the section of the file under "%files server" and add 
%{torquehomedir}/torque.setup then under "%post server" add 
%{torquehomedir}/torque.setup <USERNAME>.  The last line may fail if the 
user doesn't already exist on the system.

If that doesn't work I'd check this guide http://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/ to 
see were I went wrong.  It shouldn't take you too long, worst case 
scenario you learn more about rpm's.


Steven DuChene wrote:
> I was working with the folks at CRI to get a demo system for SC07 up 
> and running and during that
> exercise we discovered somethings in my torque install were not 
> completely setup. I informed them
> that rather than installing via the usual configure / make / make 
> install routine, I had built rpms for
> the torque bits from the spec file packaged with the distribution so I 
> could more easily propogate
> the correct files across a cluster. When informed of that, Dave 
> Jackson suggested I make the torque
> developers aware of this and see if there wasn't some way to get the 
> torque.setup script to run on
> the headnode as part of the rpm installation process.
> I am bringing that up here as I do not know where if any there is any 
> sort of bug reporting system
> or enhancement request system in place for torque.
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