[torqueusers] "cp command failed"

Zhiliang Hu zhu at iastate.edu
Tue Dec 11 10:55:59 MST 2007

As preciously described my "qsub -l nodes=6:ppn=2 hello_script" works fine on our cluster.

Now I am having problems with "qsub" a mpiblast script (this script works fine by itself on command line, using 6 nodes/12 processors).  It complains (in the torque output file xxxx.e96):

cp command failed!
command: cp /raid/pub/ncbi/blast/mpidb/bta.genome.chr.007.nhr /scratch/tmp/bta.genome.chr.007.nhr
source = /raid/pub/ncbi/blast/mpidb/bta.genome.chr.007.nhr
dest = /scratch/tmp/bta.genome.chr.007.nhr
ret_value = 32512

It is not file permission problem as I can do copy/ssh manually.  I Googled for the error but didn't find any useful hint.  As the script runs by itself I tend to think this might be a torque problem?  Any suggestion is appreciated.


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