[torqueusers] qsub ... queue hang

Zhiliang Hu zhu at iastate.edu
Thu Dec 6 10:06:56 MST 2007

At 11:17 AM 12/5/2007, Glen Beane wrote:

>> This brings up a few more questions:
>> 1. Of course -- where does the output go?
>after the job runs a job_name.ojob_num file should be created with the
>stdout, and a job_name.ejob_num file should be created with the
>stderr.  If those don't show up you need to find out why - it could be
>a problem with your pbs_mom configuration  (look at the mom_logs)

I do not see any message comes back on screen, nor any files created,
after the job is gone from the queue.  The /var/spool/torque/mom_logs
folder is empty (the folder's time stamp was 6 months ago when server
was setup).

More hints on where to look next?


Also THANK YOU for your answers to other problems.  They are helpful! 

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