[torqueusers] c-shell on cluster - what version of Fedora does

Miles O'Neal meo at intrinsity.com
Mon Dec 3 11:46:00 MST 2007

Gordon Golding said...
|What version of Fedora does CENTOS 4.5 / Redhat 4.1.2 equate to?

EL4 was based on FC3, so all versions
of EL4 (and rebuilds) are derived from FC3
plus RH bug fixes and enhancements.

I wouldn't expect csh to have changed much...

|I take it that is the problem with the .csh scripts not running.  The
|programmers are running FC 7 or even 8.
|We just have the one new cluster - nobody here has any experience with this
|- I'm trying to get the programmers up and running.
|Wish we had some admins   :-) :-P
|> - I'm having also problems running .csh scripts. Scripts that worked 
|> perfectly in my machine are not working  in the cluster. It seems like 
|> the version of the C-shell installed is not up to date.
|Again, not a torque issue - contact your admins! They have to keep all 
|the versions in sync.
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