[torqueusers] Problems with qmgr

Saurabh Barve sbarve at nps.edu
Tue Aug 28 12:17:51 MDT 2007

>> Due to a dual-NIC setup, there is a conflict between the hostname on the
>> internal network (head: and the one on the external network
>> (wilma: 172.20.*.*). As a result the 'qmgr' command returns error messages
>> for my commands.
> Is 'wilma' (172.20.*.*) associated with the first network-device (eth0) and
> 'head' ( with the second (e.g. eth1)?

No. It is the other way round. The external IP address ('wilma':172.20.*) is
associated with eth1 and the internal IP address ('head': 172.16.*) is
associated with eth0.
> Then you should try to start the pbs_server with this extension:
> #> pbs_server -S wilma:15004
The 'pbsnodes -a' command gives me reasonable output:
[root at wilma ~]# pbsnodes -a
     state = free
     np = 8
     ntype = cluster
     status = opsys=linux,uname=Linux wilma 2.6.9-55.ELlargesmp #1 SMP Wed

> Please, don't forget to restart 'maui' after you started 'pbs_server',
> sometimes this solves a strange behaviour ...

I tried to change the SERVERHOST variable in maui.cfg to 'head', but then
the maui service wouldn't start:

[root at wilma ~]# service maui start
Starting maui: ERROR:    server must be started on host 'head' (currently on

I still get errors when I try to use 'head' in the qmgr commands:
Qmgr: set server tcp_timeout=5
qmgr obj= svr=default: Unauthorized Request
Qmgr: set head tcp_timeout=5
qmgr: Illegal object type: head.
Qmgr: set server head tcp_timeout=5
qmgr obj=head svr=head: Unauthorized Request

But using 'wilma' seems to work:
Qmgr: set server wilma tcp_timeout=5
Qmgr: list server
Server wilma
        server_state = Active
        scheduling = True
        tcp_timeout = 5
        pbs_version = 2.1.2
Qmgr: create queue mtm at wilma
Qmgr: list queue
Queue mtm
        total_jobs = 0
        state_count = Transit:0 Queued:0 Held:0 Waiting:0 Running:0
        mtime = Tue Aug 28 11:04:45 2007

So I restarted maui by resetting SERVERHOST to 'wilma'. It started without

But once I quit 'qmgr', the queue information is not saved. I set active the
default 'batch' queue, but my qsub based job wouldn't run. When I went back
into qmgr, no active queues are displayed. There does not seem to be a
'save' option for 'qmgr'.

Saurabh Barve
sbarve at nps.edu

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