[torqueusers] round_robin queue

Ai Niwaer anwar at cse.unl.edu
Tue Aug 28 11:18:57 MDT 2007

I have 3 queues and hope to run a job from a queue as round-robin.
In pbs sched_config, by_queue,fairshare,backfill are all false. Only the
round_robin is true.

But jobs still run queue by queue, not one job from queue at a time. It
always run the queue workq(default) first, long queue second and at last the
short queue. I even set the 3 queues identical. I still can't run as

What other configurations do I have to change?

Sched_confie file:
round_robin: true all
by_queue: False prime
by_queue: False non_prime
strict_fifo: false ALL
backfill: False ALL
job_sort_key: "cput LOW" ALL
node_sort_key: "sort_priority HIGH" ALL
sort_queues: false ALL
load_balancing: false ALLn
fair_share: false ALL
unknown_shares: 10



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