[torqueusers] lab setup

James J Coyle jjc at iastate.edu
Thu Aug 23 13:16:25 MDT 2007


  How could what you describe be done with 2 moms on each node?

  It would seem like you need 23 moms on each node, as each node would
have to have moms which would talk each of the other 23 "head" nodes.

  This is the way to go if the class is on how to run the torque 

Suggestion if the purpose of the lab is other than how to configure a 

  If the class is instead on how to run programs on a 
computation cluster, I'd suggest teaching on a platform that they 
will use, which would be either an existing computational cluster, 
or on  cheap one make just like it. (Our group does the former, and the 
students can use the same computer when working on their thesis.)

  The second option would be to use a bootable CD to take over an existing 
lab for the duration of a class, making it into a cluster, then pulling the 
CDs and rebooting to restore the original lab.  This is almost no cost, and 
if you give copies of the CDs to the student this allows them to do homework.
  A CD which can do this, configuring as a cluster automatically, is 
available from  http://bccd.cs.uni.edu 

 James Coyle, PhD
 SGI Origin, Alpha, Xeon and Opteron Cluster Manager
 High Performance Computing Group              
 Iowa State Univ.   

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