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Thanks all for the comments - especially Miles, running two moms sounds
like a great idea; and yes, the reasons to have this setup are both your
1) and 2).

To address another question, I wouldn't need to keep the jobs synced
between servers. This setup looks like 24 independent 23-node clusters;
thoroughly defeating the purpose of turning 24 machines into a cluster
but allowing 24 students to experiment with clustering technologies
without stepping too much on each other's toes.


ycsapo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been tasked with setting up a teaching lab for
> super/clustering/distributed/parallel computing here at the Colorado
> School of Mines. We do have a few computational clusters running torque,
> but this will be a classroom. Instead of designating a machine as the
> head, what I've done is set up every machine as both a head and a node
> of every other machine. Granted, this is not very efficient from a
> computational point of view, but it allows for the greatest flexibility
> for a classroom. Does anybody have any comments about this setup?
> Thanks,
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