[torqueusers] pbsnodes offlline->online

Anton Menshutin may at chg.ru
Wed Aug 22 12:23:03 MDT 2007

Garrick Staples пишет:
> On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 10:55:30AM +0400, Anton Menshutin alleged:
>> Hi,
>> I set offline for all nodes in order to do some software update, after 
>> that i set state back to online, but jobs still hang in queue and does 
>> not want to start. New submitted jobs are being run automaticaly, but 
>> the old jobs could only be started by manually by qrun.
>> How can  it be fixed?  I'm running maui as a scheduler.
> maui likely has the jobs held.  What does 'checkjob $jobid' say?  Or use maui's
> releasehold command, 'releasehold -a ALL'.
Thanks, releasehold  really helped. But i don't understand, wheather 
this is a bug in maui or it's feature? It is not a  first time i see 
that  if at some time there are no resources available (cause some host 
is down - not busy) later batch system refuses to run this jobs.

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