[torqueusers] Exit Status of 21?

aohara at haverford.edu aohara at haverford.edu
Wed Aug 15 12:16:24 MDT 2007

Hi list members,
You guys have been great in helping me get going with my first cluster at
my college and everything is running great (minus a few hardware issues)
on that.  Over summer break, I decided to finally realize my goal of
having a "personal" experimental cluster at home from a bunch of spare P3
boxes I've accumulated over the past few years.  I did everything the same
software wise as the college cluster (except changing from x86_64 to
x86/i686) - passwordless ssh, ntp, nfs, torque, maui, openmpi.  The only
problem is that now when I try to run jobs, they get an exit status of 21
and are stuck on the compute node.  I had the problem of getting stuff
stuck on the compute node originally on the college cluster but was able
to get that fixed (fixed the passwordless ssh to go both to and from nodes
and made sure all uids were the same across the cluster) so those aren't
the issue, though something else could be.  I guess the problem is that
there seems to be little documentation on what the torque/maui exit status
codes mean (except for the standard bash/csh codes), does anyone know what
a code of 21 might indicate?  Also, if you know more about other exit
codes for torque/maui, I'd be interested in those too because I'm trying
to put a list together for my website.

Andy O'Hara
Haverford College Physics '09

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