[torqueusers] Problems with qmgr

Saurabh Barve sbarve at nps.edu
Tue Aug 14 12:38:40 MDT 2007


I am trying to set up Torque PBS/Maui system on my cluster, but am running
into problems.

Due to a dual-NIC setup, there is a conflict between the hostname on the
internal network (head: and the one on the external network
(wilma: 172.20.*.*). As a result the 'qmgr' command returns error messages
for my commands.

First of all, here is the info in the files that I find relevant:
[root at wilma ~]# cat /var/torque/server_name
[root at wilma ~]# cat /var/torque/torque.cfg
[root at wilma ~]# cat /var/torque/server_priv/nodes
head np=8
node001 np=4
node002 np=4
node003 np=4
node004 np=4
[root at wilma ~]# cat /var/torque/mom_priv/config
$pbsserver head
$logevent 0x1fff
$usecp  *:/storage /storage
$rcpcmd /usr/bin/scp -CrBpq
Now when I try to run the 'qmgr' command, I get errors like these:
Qmgr: set head managers = root
qmgr: Illegal object type: head
Qmgr: active queue batch
Qmgr: set queue queue_default=batch
qmgr: Syntax error - cannot locate attribute
set queue queue_default=batch
Qmgr: set server head operators=root
qmgr obj=head svr=head: Unauthorized Request

I suspect that this might be related to a problem I had with 'maui' earlier
The "SERVERHOST' variable inside maui.cfg was defined as 'head' when the
system was delivered. When I got an external IP address and hostname for the
cluster, I had to change the 'SERVERHOST' to 'wilma'.

Could anyone help me with this problem? It is much appreciated.
Saurabh Barve
sbarve at nps.edu

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