[torqueusers] processor allocation help

Aaron Knister aaron at iges.org
Tue Aug 14 14:40:12 MDT 2007

checknode -v <jobid> bombed. Did you mean checkjob? Here's the output 
from checkjob. Thank you so much for your help.

[mauiadmin at crew maui]$ checkjob -v 196

checking job 196 (RM job '196.crew01.iges.org')

State: Idle  EState: Deferred
Creds:  user:aaron  group:aaron  class:batch  qos:DEFAULT
WallTime: 00:00:00 of 2:00:00
SubmitTime: Tue Aug 14 16:37:42
  (Time Queued  Total: 00:01:20  Eligible: 00:00:02)

Total Tasks: 1

Req[0]  TaskCount: 1  Partition: ALL
Network: [NONE]  Memory >= 0  Disk >= 0  Swap >= 0
Opsys: [NONE]  Arch: [NONE]  Features: [NONE]
Exec:  ''  ExecSize: 0  ImageSize: 0
Dedicated Resources Per Task: PROCS: 12  MEM: 1024M  SWAP: 1024M
NodeAccess: SHARED
NodeCount: 1

IWD: [NONE]  Executable:  [NONE]
Bypass: 0  StartCount: 0
PartitionMask: [ALL]
job is deferred.  Reason:  NoResources  (cannot create reservation for 
job '196' (intital reservation attempt)
Holds:    Defer  (hold reason:  NoResources)
PE:  12.00  StartPriority:  1
cannot select job 196 for partition DEFAULT (job hold active)

Troy Baer wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 16:31 -0400, Aaron Knister wrote:
>> Something still isn't right. I have two nodes with 8 processors each. 
>> qsub -l nodes=12 sits in the queue with a "Deferred" state. Any ideas?
> What does "checknode -v <jobid>" report for that job?
> 	--Troy	

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