[torqueusers] Qstat exit code 171

Miles O'Neal meo at intrinsity.com
Fri Aug 3 17:33:00 MDT 2007

Peter Wyckoff said...

+I'm trying to find out what this means? Unfortunately, I have only the error
+code and not any message qstat printed.

I had to figure out the code system just the other day.

If you look in your torque source
directory, in src/include/pbs_error.h ,
you'll find a bunch of error codes.
These get returened to the shel modulo
256.  The integral factor is 58, so

   58 * 256 = 14848
   14848 + 171 = 15019

#define PBSE_BADCRED    15019           /* Invalid Credential in request */

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