[torqueusers] torque not scaling well

Benoit Marchand benoit.marchand at exludus.com
Wed Aug 1 13:01:14 MDT 2007


Certainly users submitting jobs in a script loop is a source of  
annoyance.  Best is to have them use job arrays (i.e. sequences of  
jobs submitted as a single job) with Grid Optimizer (we developed it  
to solve the problem you are describing).  As a bonus Grid Optimizer  
will also optimize multi-core performance (speedup on bio  
applications is up to 3x).   Grid Optimizer works well with Torque  
and Moab as well as PBS Pro, SGE, LSF and CCS.

You can give it a try with a demo copy at : http://www.exludus.com/ 



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Subject: [torqueusers] torque not scaling well
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We have several users who might run scripts
doing multiple qsubs simultaneously, and
this makes it worse.

Any ideas?


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