[torqueusers] limit jobs to subset of available nodes

Jack de Valpine jedev at visarc.com
Mon Apr 30 19:11:34 MDT 2007


I am relatively new to Torque, so if this is faq or otherwise documented 
somewhere please point me in the right direction.

Here is our setup. We have a little cluster of 6 compute nodes plus one 
master node. We are running Warewulf with cAos Linux and Torque 2.1.6. I 
want to undertsand if it is possible to limit a set of serial jobs to a 
subset of the nodes. That is if I have 24 for jobs needing to be run is 
there a way I can limit this set of jobs to 2 nodes for example? Thus at 
any give time only 2 jobs from the set of 24 can be running.

Thanks for any thoughts.


-Jack de Valpine

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# president
# visarc incorporated
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