[torqueusers] change max jobs

slash srash at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Apr 24 11:39:07 MDT 2007

if I want to change max jobs in maui (I did before, recompiling from new
src), I recall I had to change the 4096 in two places.  I find four(4) 4096
instances in .h files


ana 10:31:34 ~/cvs/yahoo/miners/datamart-service/cluster/maui/include $ grep
4096 *

msched-common.h:# define MAX_MTASK         4096

msched.h:#define MMAX_JOB           4096

msched.h:#define MAX_MJOB_TRACE     4096

msu.h:#define SUDEF_CPBUFFERSTEPSIZE      4096


2nd is obvious, 1 and 3 probably, 4 probably does not need changed.

can someone confirm/correct?


any #defines in .c files I might be missing?

(before I execute my find -name \*.c -exec grep 4096 {} \;  command?)





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