[torqueusers] problem with qsub -v

Cunningham, Dave dave.cunningham at lmco.com
Mon Apr 23 14:10:32 MDT 2007

I'm getting some odd behavior from qsub.  I'm trying to pass information
in to my job script from the qsub command line through the environment,
with something like

            qsub -v foo=bar  my_job

 Works fine like that, but I need to have a space tin the value string
of the environment variable, eg, 

            qsub -v foo="bar bat" my_job

 That, and any reasonable way that I can think of escaping the quotes or
space fails and sets $foo to some really bizarre combinations of other
environment variables.  Can anyone explain what is going on or how I
should be doing this ? I'm running qsub version 2.1.7.  



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