[torqueusers] Send a job to PBS and get it to have other name than STDIN

Matias Alberto Gavinowich mattlistas at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 17:17:42 MDT 2007


I am sending jobs to PBS in the form:

globus-job-run myhost.mydomain.com/jobmanager-pbs executable

This appears in qstat under the name STDIN.

I would like it to be named differently, just as I can do with the -N
option in qsub.

I have been browsing and found this enhancement request:

I believe it has to do with what I want to accomplish.

Is there any way to get the job to be named something else than STDIN?
What are the possible workarounds? (I would choose the solution which
poses the least risk to my current globus environment).

Any help or ideas are appreciated.

Thank you,


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