[torqueusers] ANNOUNCE: Ganglia Job Monarch v0.2

Ramon Bastiaans bastiaans at sara.nl
Fri Apr 20 09:45:10 MDT 2007

This is an announcement for the release of Ganglia Job Monarch v0.2.

Job Monarch is a set of tools to monitor and (optionally) archive
(batch)job information.
Supported batch systems are: PBS, Torque and SGE.

It is a addon for the Ganglia monitoring system and plugs in to a
existing Ganglia setup.

This is a summary of the most important new changes/fixes:

  * SGE (Sun Grid Engine) batch support (experimental)
  * host template added: displays jobs on a particular machine
  * fully PHP5 (and PHP4) compatible
  * cleaning of stale jobs
  * (optional) column of job hostnames
  * many many bugfixes and optimizations

For a full changelog go here:
  * https://subtrac.sara.nl/oss/jobmonarch/browser/tags/0.2/CHANGELOG

Go here for the latest documentation, development, releases, screenshots 
and other project details:

  * https://subtrac.sara.nl/oss/jobmonarch/

To view a operational setup with Job Monarch,
have a look here:

  * http://ganglia.sara.nl/


  * ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/outgoing/ganglia_jobmonarch-0.2.tar.gz
  * ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/outgoing/ganglia_jobmonarch-0.2.tar.bz2

Packages - Debian:
  * ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/outgoing/jobmonarch-jobmond_0.2-1.deb
  * ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/outgoing/jobmonarch-jobarchived_0.2-1.deb
  * ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/outgoing/jobmonarch-webfrontend_0.2-1.deb

Packages - RPM:
  * ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/outgoing/jobmonarch-jobmond-0.2-1.rpm
  * ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/outgoing/jobmonarch-jobarchived-0.2-1.rpm
  * ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/outgoing/jobmonarch-webfrontend-0.2-1.rpm

Michael Jeanson	- misc. patches
Daniel Barthel  - suggesting the job hostnames column
Babu Sundaram   - developed SGE support for a OSCAR's Google-SoC project

And all others that have contributed or reported bugs!

Kind regards,
- Ramon.
ing. R. Bastiaans

Systems Programmer / High Performance Computing & Visualisation /
SARA                 Computing and Networking Services
Kruislaan 415        PO Box 194613
1098 SJ Amsterdam    1090 GP Amsterdam
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