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This works find for me, where I use the hostname instead of "localhost". 
So instead your nodes file should look like.

servernode np=1

Torque.setup doesn't create your nodes file, that is one of the manual 
steps (there is no node auto-discover process).


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[torqueusers] Re: Torque as standalone

Ok , here is the step by step process of what i do.

1) Download Torque 2.8.1   and run configure ,make and make install.
2) run Torque.setup  root to start up pbs_server
3) But /var/spool/torque/server_priv/nodes file is not created. I 
create  it and have my localhost np =1 . this is the server configuration.

4) Then i start the pbs_mom
5) when i do pbsnodes -a . It says  Server has node list  MSG=node list 
is empty.

6) doing qstat says  server is not connected
So my question is how can i configure node file for torque and let 
pbs_mom  connect to server.

I tried following the documentation where same node can be setup  as 
client and server.

So let me know what i am doing wrong here
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