[torqueusers] php based web interface for qstat viewing

arnaud.renard at univ-reims.fr arnaud.renard at univ-reims.fr
Thu Apr 19 02:21:44 MDT 2007

Hi all,

i'm new to this mailing list, so sorry if i have stupid questions.

I'm looking for a php based web interface for qstat viewing, pearhaps like it was describes there :
Can you give me some url ?


Arnaud Renard, 
tél : +33 326 91 85 91 - fax : +33 326 91 33 97
Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne - CReSTIC SysCom
UFR Sciences Exactes et Naturelles
Département de Mathématiques et Informatique
Moulin de la Housse - BP 1039
51687 Reims Cedex 2. 

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  Subject: [torqueusers] cloning the installation jobs for a generic LCG site

  Hi all,

  I manage an LCG Grid site in Italy with about 15 HPC linux nodes,
  normally every node see the application software from a 
  NFS storage element and the application software is installed
  from outside my site by someone that submit an 'installation job': 
  when the job arrive it runs on a node and it modifies the NFS area.
  I never know when these jobs could arrive. 

  this is a terrible deployment strategy for me because:
  1) you don't know when/where/why something change in your cluster
  2) you can't check if something is changed after the installation
     because you don't have a package manager, so you don't know
     which is a correct status for the software ( permissions? crc? owner? size?)
  3) the NFS area is a single point of failure
  4) the NFS area is a performance bottleneck for all the nodes: there is not
     the concept of 'cache', so during the time the nodes read many times
     the same files
  5) my nodes have hard disks with a lot of storage not used: sure almost
     every node can store all the application software ( that's about 90Gb )
     without problems.

  all the others Grid sites are designed in this way!

  for at least mitigate this scenario I want:
  1) Install the application software everywhere it's possible: where it's 
     not possible continue to use NFS for now ( or AFS with a big cache? or what else? )
  2) run tools like tripwire or samhain to understand when/where/why something change 
     on each node ( or what else? )
  3) the most important point for Torque/Maui: run N copy of the installation job when that arrives,
     one for each node that can store the application software.

  I well know the list of users that run the install job, they are about 15:
  so how may solve this in Torque? do you have suggestions for a better deployment design?
  I want more security and performances from my cluster.

  many thanks in advance,
  Fabio Martinelli

   Dr. Fabio Martinelli 
   Grid Computing Lab 

  institute INFN Tor Vergata 
    address via della ricerca scientifica, 00133 Roma 
      phone +39 06 7259 4113 
            +39 06 7259 4036 
      email fabio.martinelli at roma2.infn.it 
            fabio.martinelli at cern.ch 
        web http://grid.roma2.infn.it/ 



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