[torqueusers] Job exceeding memory limits

Martin Schafföner martin.schaffoener at e-technik.uni-magdeburg.de
Tue Apr 17 10:14:25 MDT 2007

On Tuesday 17 April 2007, Steve Young wrote:
> 	Thanks Dave. This is why I am wondering how torque checks an OS to
> verify how much memory is being used. I suspect that when the job is
> first being started that a lot more resources are used but after it's
> underway it evens out to expected operation. I am hoping once I can find
> out how torque does it that perhaps I can do the same from command line
> to try to find out for myself why torque thinks that it needs so much
> more memory.
> 	You bring up an interesting point... having MOM ignore resource usage
> for young processes. I didn't see anything on parameters page for MOM to
> configure this. Would you mind elaborating on how you did that? =).

Look at this posting:


This fixed the problem of incorrect cput statistics I had observed, and it 
also contains a (weak part of) solution to your problem.

Martin Schafföner

Cognitive Systems Group, Institute of Electronics, Signal Processing and 
Communication Technologies, Department of Electrical Engineering, 
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Phone: +49 391 6720063
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