[torqueusers] How Do I EXTEND the WALLCLOCK time of a RUNNING Job?

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 10:44:38 MDT 2007

On 4/12/07, Dan Roberts <Daniel.G.Roberts at sanofi-aventis.com> wrote:
> Hello All
> I am about to run out of Wallclock time on this running job..
> How do I easily extend it so that it doesn't get killed!
> Thanks for any advice or help!!!
> Dan

a manager or operator can set a higher wallclock limit by using qalter:

qalter -l walltime=XXX:XX:XX <job_number>

a regular user can only lower the wallclock limit, since this has
potential for abuse (like setting artificially low walltimes to fit
into backfill spots and then increase the wallclock limit after the
job is started)

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