[torqueusers] Cannot execute Jobs with Torque scheduler

SCIPIONI Roberto SCIPIONI.Roberto at nims.go.jp
Mon Apr 9 03:42:23 MDT 2007

Dear all,

So I managed to see the nodes. I can submit the jobes with qstat
I get the job with the status Q and I try to run it using qrun (from root) I get the error

To: robechan at shizuwo.nims.go.jp
Subject: PBS JOB 15.shizuwo.nims.go.jp
Precedence: bulk
Message-Id: <20070409092627.E293919274E at shizuwo.nims.go.jp>
Date: Mon,  9 Apr 2007 18:26:27 +0900 (JST)
From: adm at shizuwo.nims.go.jp (root)

PBS Job Id: 15.shizuwo.nims.go.jp
Job Name:   MyTestJob
Aborted by PBS Server
Job cannot be executed
See job standard error file


Has anybody ever encountered this problem before ?


Roberto Scipioni

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