[torqueusers] Re: Re: Job output files not being copied to

Luke Scharf lscharf at vt.edu
Fri Apr 6 09:10:37 MDT 2007

SCIPIONI Roberto wrote:
> Hi guys perhaps it is a stupid question
> But how do  I give a name to a node ?
> the IP addess works if I use 
> ssh  
> but if I try 
> ssh slavenode1      (which is the name of the machine when I connect with IP address) 
> it does not work

You need to learn about mechanisms for translating names into IP 
addresses.  This is a fundamentals of systems administration kind of 
topic; this stuff is fun to talk about, but there is a lot of 
information.  It is probably off-topic for this listserv.

Anyway, one way to map a name to an IP address is the /etc/hosts file, 
but you sometimes have to distribute/synchronize the data to each and 
every machine that needs to know a particular name:

Another good way is DNS:

Also, network information servers like NIS and LDAP can hold name-data 
that Unix clients can reference as well.

The O'Reilly Press (http://www.oreilly.com/, Tim O'Reilly, who is a 
geek-celebrity but who should not be confused with the TV personality 
who has a similar last name!) has many good books on these kinds of 
topics.  Here are a couple of titles that are worth considering:

I hope this helps,

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